Why is my Levven Q Mobile Gateway not visible from the app?

  • Ensure you do not have the network port plugged into a mesh network device. For example, a WiFi Booster, or Google Mesh WiFi. Mesh networks will often cause the Levven Q to be invisible. You should plug the Levven Q directly into the router, which is usually provided by your internet provider.

  • Some network products do not have mDNS enabled by default. For example, Ubiquity. mDNS is how the app is able to locate the Levven Q on the network.

  • Your mobile device must be connected to the same network as the Levven Q. Simply connect your mobile device and Levven Q to your router.

  • Power cycle the Levven Q by unplugging the power for 10 seconds.

  • Power cycle your WiFi router by unplugging the power for 10 seconds.