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Levven mobile app does not connect to Levven Q

If the Levven Q is on (power LED is lit), check that:

  1. the Ethernet patch cable is connected to Levven Q’s network port,

  2. that your home network switch or router is powered, and

  3. that your mobile device is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

If your mobile device cannot see your Levven Q after you've connected the Q to your router, try a different LAN port on your router. It has been reported that some internet service providers disable one or more LAN ports on the routers they issue to their customers.

Connect Levven Q to Wi-Fi Router

The Levven Q requires a wired connection to the local network. For best results, connect the Levven Q's network port directly to a one of your router's LAN ports. Connecting the Levven Q to a secondary network switch or wireless mesh node may compromise network connectivity.