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Both my device and my GoRave AR5 are powered on, but I can't hear any audio.

If the GoRave receiver is powered on but not producing sound, check the LED indicator.  If LED indicator is dim amber or dim green:

  • The Audio Receiver is waiting to receive a signal from an Audio Sender.

  • Select and insert an Audio Sender into a device, open an entertainment app and press play to transmit sound to the Receiver.

  • When you hear your audio, press and hold the Connect button for 3 seconds to save that Audio Sender to the Favorites List. The LED status indicator will turn bright green.

  • Use The GoRave App to confirm that the Audio Sender you are using is connected.

Other possibilities – can’t hear any audio:

  • Are the loudspeakers correctly connected to the AR5 Audio Receiver?

    • Are the speaker wires securely connected in the terminal blocks?

    • Are the terminal blocks securely connected in the speakers and the AR5?

    • Are the positive (+) and negative (-) connections the same at both ends of the speaker wire?

    • Example: you have a two-conductor speaker wire with black and red wires inside. If your black wire is connected to “negative” on one end, is should be connected to “negative” on the other end.

  • Is the volume on the device set too low?

    • Is your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop) on mute?

    • Unmute or increase the volume on your device.

  • Is the GoRave app running?

    • Apple devices with the older 30-pin connection must run the GoRave volume-control app to play audio.

    • Try restarting the app (closing the app on your device and then opening it again).

  • Is your mobile device further than 40 feet (12.2 meters) away?

    • Bring the transmitting device closer to the AR5 Audio Receiver.

  • Is another device transmitting at low volume from another Audio Sender?

    • Disconnect the first Audio Sender and start playback with the second.

    • Press the Connect button 6 times to clear the Favorites List and reset volume settings in the AR5.

  • Is the device with the Audio Sender turned on?

    • Is audio actually playing on your device?

    • Start playback of audio on your device.

  • Do you have more than one AR5 Audio Receiver installed in your space?

    • Is your audio playing from speakers connected to the other Audio Receiver?

    • Use the GoRave app on your smartphone or tablet device and increase the volume of the muted AR5 so that you can hear audio playing on both speakers.