What do the LEDs on the switches and controllers mean?

Switch LED Indicator

When the switch is paired with at least one controller, its LED indicator flashes when the switch is pressed. The flashing LED indicates that the switch has successfully communicated with its controllers.


The light will also flash when the 10 years + life expectancy of the battery reaches 20%. At this point, the switch's CR2032 coin-cell battery will need to be replaced within four to six months.

Controller LED Indicator


The controller's LED status indicator can display several states:

  1. Solid green LED means the controller is powered and ready in the off position.
  2. Solid red LED means the controller is the on position, providing power to whatever load is connected.
  3. Flashing green means the controller is waiting to receive a signal from a switch pairing or controller grouping.
  4. Flashing red/green means the controller has received the pairing/grouping signal and is waiting for a command to lock in the grouping/pairing.
  5. Rapid green flashing followed by solid green means the controller has successfully saved the switch pairing or controller grouping.