The LED light is flashing rather fast and the GoRave AR5 feels hot to the touch. What's going on?

The LED indicator will continuously flash with a fast, high frequency when one of these conditions is detected:

a. The GoRave AR5 was set to operate beyond its specifications.

To resolve the issue, try:

  • Lowering the volume
  • Resetting (remove then reconnect) the wireless Audio Sender
  • Turn the power to the GoRave AR5 off then on.

b. The fault protection circuit has shut off the amplifier.

  • This occurs only when there is faulty speaker wiring or a problem with overheating.
  • Unplug the system and wait for the amplifier to cool. Correct the wiring fault then reconnect the power. The GoRave AR5 will reset.
  • If the problem is not corrected or reoccurs, contact your professional installer.