Setting up Levven Q

Connecting, grouping, and using Levven Q

  1. Connect Levven Q to power and to the home network (Watch video) (Read PDF)
  2. It is necessary to pair Levven Q into the controller group in your home. Follow these steps to pair a Levven Q into your home's controller group (Watch Video)
  3. Connect your mobile device (Watch Video) (Read PDF)
  4. Setup Rooms (Watch Video) (Read PDF)

With the Levven Q powered and connected, and the Levven app installed on your mobile device, you can now access, control, and personalize all the Levven electrical controls in the home.

Connect Levven Q to Wi-Fi Router

The Levven Q requires a wired connection to the local network. For best results, connect the Levven Q's network port directly to one of your router's LAN ports. Connecting the Levven Q to a secondary network switch or wireless mesh node may compromise network connectivity.

Setting up Levven Q