Setting up Google Assistant / Google Home with Levven Q

Learn how to control your Levven system with voice commands via your Google Home Assistant device or app.

Before connecting to your Google Home app, be sure to first Link Your Q to the Cloud

If you haven't already, download the Google Home app on your phone via the Play or App Stores.

1. Install app

Download the Google Home app from the  AppleApp Store or AndroidPlay Store. Connect your Google Home device to your home network following the app instructions.


2. Open Google Home app

3. Login

Login to your Google account.

4. Home Setup

Choose a home to add your Levven Controls devices.

5. Open 'Actions'

Tap the plus icon at the top left corner in the Google Home app.

Select “Set up device”.

6. Link Account

Select "Have something already set up?".

7. Search

Tap the magnifying glass search icon and type "Levven Controls" in the search text box.

Select the Levven Controls Action.

8. Link Account

Link your Levven Cloud account with the  Google Assistant Action.

At the prompt, enter  the email address and password you used  for your Levven Cloud account.

9. Discover Devices

Google Assistant will discover one or more devices.

10. Connect Devices

All the discovered devices will be in home screen of the Google Home app.

You can use voice commands to operate all the power controllers throughout the home.

Name your devices something easy to remember and say to help with giving commands. You can also group devices into rooms to control several devices at once.

You can only dim lights if you have a Levven dimmer controller installed.