Pair a Q Gateway with a Group of Controllers

How to connect a Q Gateway to a group of controllers to use the Levven app to control and automate those devices.

Locate Blue Pairing Plate

New homes installed with Levven controllers throughout the home should have a blue access wallplate like the one below with a controller installed behind the plate.

If you do not have a controller behind this plate please contact your builder to fix this issue. In the meantime, you can locate any controller (typically installed behind a light fixture) to continue with the pairing process.




Blue access wallplate Example Controller


Pair Q Gateway with Controller

Near the blue access wallplate, plug in the Q Gateway to power.

You do not need an ethernet connection at this point to pair.

levven-blue-pairing-plate-pen-pushing-controller-button Once the light is steady green on the Q Gateway, press and release the blue access wallplate's pairing button with a small tool or pen.
levven-q-button-and-port-label-text Press and release the Q Gateway's v-shaped pairing button. Both the Q and the controller should be flashing red/green. 

Press and release the controller's pairing button again behind the blue access wallplate to confirm the pairing. The LEDs on both the Q Gateway and the controller will flash green and then return to steady green.

Your Q Gateway is now in the same group as your controllers and is ready to be connected to wifi. 🎉 

If the pairing buttons are not pressed within 60 seconds, the pairing session will timeout and the LEDs will return to steady green. 

Video Walkthrough

Group Levven Q with Blue Plate Controller

Did something go wrong?

Problem Possible solution
LEDs don't flash green/red
  • Get Q gateway and controller closer
  • Try a different controller
Can't find the blue access wallplate Contact your electrician or builder who installed Levven in your home to ensure they put one in.


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