Connecting My Levven Account to the Cloud

Cloud connection allows you to operate your Levven system while outside of your home as well as connect to third-party systems like Google Home and Alexa.

Connecting to the Cloud


link to cloud

To connect your Levven account to the cloud:

  1. Select your gateway
  2. Go to the "Settings" tab
  3. Tap "Cloud Settings"
  4. Tap "Link Q Gateway"

You can unlink your Q Gateway from this screen or from the main menu as well.

see connection options

Connection Status

You will see 2 icons under your Q Gateway's name: Local Connection and Cloud Connection.

Local Connection

Connecting locally can only happen when your phone or iPad are connected to the same wifi connection as your gateway.

Cloud Connection

Connecting through the cloud allows you access to your gateway from anywhere. 

choose connection

Choose Your Connection

When selecting your gateway, the app will automatically choose a connection based on availability; however, tapping on the info icon allows you to select a way to connect or unlink a gateway from the cloud. 

Connecting to Google Home or Alexa

In order to use your Levven controllers with your voice assistant, you will first need to link your Levven account to the cloud as outlined in the steps above. 

Note: It's best to link your Levven account to the cloud before you connect to your voice assistant. However, if you do not do this step first, you will need to go back into your voice assistant's app and have it refresh your devices. 

For more on linking your Levven controllers to your voice assistant see the following articles: Google Home or Alexa