How do I pair a switch to a controller?

Two methods to pair switches and controllers

    If the Levven Q mobile gateway is installed and connected, switches and controllers can be paired using the Levven smart lighting mobile app.
    Switches and controllers can be paired manually. Click here to see how manual pairing.

Pairing switches using the Levven app

Watch the Change What a Switch Operates in the Levven App video (2:37):

HubSpot Video

Manually pairing switches and controllers

The manual pairing process will work with and without the Levven Q mobile gateway.

Watch the Pair Levven Switch and Controller video (1:55):

HubSpot Video

There are three steps to pairing a controller:

  1. Press the button on a wired controller – the LED on the controller will flash green.
  2. Squeeze then release both ends of the switch simultaneously to send a pairing code to the controller – the LED on the controller will flash green and red. It is OK to squeeze the switch multiple times to ensure the pairing signal is sent and received. If the pairing signal is not received by the controller within 60 seconds, the controller will stop blinking. If the load controller stops blinking, repeat Step 1. 
  3. Press the button on the controller again to lock in the pairing – the LED will quickly flash green and then stop. 

Your switch and controller are successfully paired.