How do I group controllers?

If you are pairing a switch to more than one controller, make sure the controllers have been grouped together so they are able to work together in a way that is secure and unique to that electrical system.

Review the Adding a Levven Controller to a Group video (1:56).

HubSpot Video
Step-by-step guide for adding a controller to a group:
  1. If controllers are already installed and functioning in your home, press the 'pair' button on one of those controllers. If there is no existing controller group, press the 'pair' button on either controller.
  2. When the light on the first controller flashes green, press the button on the controller you want to add to this group. The second controller will blink green and the first controller will blink red and green.
  3. To complete the process, press the button on the first controller. If the first controller was already a member of a group, then you have added the second controller to that existing group. If these two controllers did not belong to a group, then you have created a new group.
  4. If your controller needs to be reset (clear its memory of saved group and pairing data), review the knowledgebase article on How to Reset Controller Group and Switch Pairings.

NOTE: the grouping and pairing processes must be completed within 60 seconds of pressing the first 'pair' button. If controllers are not grouped or paired in 60 seconds, the controller will exit the pairing mode and you will need to restart.

If your controllers are not able to join a group, please contact our support team.