Why am I getting a ⚠️ Device Error message?

Sometimes a device will display a "⚠️ Device Error" message when the Q Gateway is having difficulty communicating with that device. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this error.

Two different kinds of messages will be displayed with your device error message depending on if the Q Gateway recently received updates. 

Error message following an update

Your Levven Q Gateway will check for updates periodically.

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 1.07.30 PM

In rare cases, the Q Gateway will fail to upgrade a device. If this happens, the Levven Controls app will display the System Updates Retry screen which looks like this.

Step 1: Retry

The first time you see this screen, try the update again. This will repeat the update process and retry any failed device updates.

If the retry attempt still is shown, please proceed to Step 2. This is often due to the distance between Q and the device.




Step 2: Identify Devices

Device Details Screen - Update Failed
  1. Tap No on the System Updates Retry screen. 
  2. Go to the Devices screen. Take note of any devices with the "⚠️ Device is out of range" message. The Q Gateway is unable to radio to these devices.






Step 3: Move Q Gateway in Range

    1. Go to where the Q Gateway is installed in your home.
    2. Unplug the Q Gateway from the router and the power outlet.
Q Gateway with AC Adapter (1)

For this update, you do not need your ethernet cable.

Once you unplug your router, you will no longer be able to control your system with the app.

3. Take the Q Gateway and its AC power adapter to the room where the device with the error message is located. If more than one device is affected, there are two options:

    1. If the devices are close together, place the Q Gateway approximately in the middle of the devices. 
    2. If the devices are far apart, pick one device and place the Q Gateway near it.

4. Plug the Q Gateway into a power outlet and wait for it to power on. The Q Gateway will automatically attempt the recovery process at this point.


Step 4: Wait for Update to Complete

  1. Wait until the LED on the top of the Q Gateway turns steady green. Once the LED light on the Q Gateway has turned steady green, the update process has been completed. 
  2. Return the Q Gateway to its normal location and reconnect it to both the router and power outlet.

Step 5: Check the app

Once the Q Gateway finishes loading, the LED light will turn solid green, and the Levven Controls app will do one of two things:

  1. If the recovery was successful, the app will run as usual without any messages to retry updates.
  2. If the recovery was incomplete, the System Updates Retry screen will appear again. This means that there are still devices that require recovery. If this is the case, there are two options:
    1. If the devices are located far apart, the recovery process should be repeated from Step 3 but with the Q Gateway moved closer to one of the remaining devices.
    2. Contact Levven Support via email at support@levven.com or by phone at 1-844-5-LEVVEN (1-844-553-8836)


Other Types of "⚠️ Device Error" Messages


When there isn't an update and you see this message, it could also be that the Q Gateway is out of range of the device. You can try moving the gateway closer or orienting it a different way to see if it can reach that device better. 

If the message persists, please reach out to our customer support team for further assistance.

1 Device Details Screen - Other Device Failure