Connect Levven Q Gateway to Network and Internet

Connecting your Q Gateway to your router enables access to your devices from the Levven app.


If you have not paired your Q Gateway with your group of controllers, please do so before continuing with this step.

Connect to Power

Plug the Levven Q power supply into an outlet near your Wi-Fi router. 

Connect Levven Q to Wi-Fi Router

The Levven Q requires a wired connection to the local network. For best results, connect the Levven Q's network port directly to a one of your router's LAN ports. Connecting the Levven Q to a secondary network switch or wireless mesh node may compromise network connectivity.

Placing your Q Gateway in a centrally located area of the home will ensure that all controllers are not too far away and will improve communication with the system. 

Do not plug your Levven Q Gateway into a network switch or a wireless mesh node. 


The amber and green lights on the side of the ethernet port will flash to show that Q is receiving an internet connection.

Ethernet Connection Green and Amber LEDs

If you do not see the green and amber LEDs, try plugging into a different port on your router or call your internet service provider to ensure your internet is working properly.

The Q Gateway will boot up and look for all of the Levven power controllers in the home's installation group. During this process, the Levven Q's LED status indicator will blink blue. When boot up is complete, the LED will hold a steady green light.

Connect via the Levven App

Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 7.35.36 AM

After installing the Levven app and creating your cloud account, you should see your Q Gateway appear in the list of connections. Select your Q Gateway and continue the setup process. 

Don't see your Q Gateway in the list? Check that your phone's wifi is turned on and is on the same wifi connection as your Q Gateway. When setting up your Q for the first time you must be locally connected to your network. 

You can access your Levven System on the go by linking your Q Gateway to the cloud.

Video Walkthrough

The videos below provide a more detailed walkthrough of setting up your Q Gateway and mobile app. If you need further support please feel free to reach out to our support team.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video