Connect Q Gateway to My Network and Internet

Connecting your Q Gateway to your router enables access to your devices from the Levven app.

If you have not paired your Q Gateway with your group of controllers, please do so before continuing with this step.

Connection and Setup

Plug your Q Gateway's power supply into an outlet near your wifi router and then plug the provided ethernet cable into the Q and router.

Placing your Q Gateway in a centrally located area of the home will ensure that all controllers are not too far away and will improve communication with the system. 

Do not plug your Q Gateway into a network switch or a wireless mesh node. 


The amber and green lights on the side of the ethernet port will flash to show that Q is receiving an internet connection.

Ethernet Connection Green and Amber LEDs

If you do not see the green and amber LEDs, try plugging into a different port on your router or call your internet service provider to ensure your internet is working properly.

The Q Gateway will begin booting up and looking for all of your controllers in your home. During this process, your Q Gateway will flash blue. Once it is finished, it will hold a steady green light. 

Connect via the Levven App


Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 7.35.36 AM

After installing the Levven app and creating your cloud account, you should see your Q Gateway appear in the list of connections. Select your Q Gateway and continue the setup process. 

Don't see your Q Gateway in the list? Check that your phone's wifi is turned on and is on the same wifi connection as your Q Gateway. When setting up your Q for the first time you must be locally connected to your network. 

You can access your Levven System on the go by linking your Q Gateway to the cloud.

Video Walkthrough

The videos below provide a more detailed walkthrough of setting up your Q Gateway and mobile app. If you need further support please feel free to reach out to our support team.

Connect Levven Q to Power and Network
Levven App Connect to Levven Q First Time v2